Create your Own Custom Perfume

All Essential & Fragrance Oils Available to choose from (Choose 3 - 6 for each Custom Perfume)

  • Floral Scent Oils

    *Peppermint, *Wisteria, *Lilac, *Geranium, *Ylang ylang, *Orchid, *Rose, *Jasmine, *Peony, *Violet, *Gardenia, *Honey Suckle, *Lavender, *Magnolia, *Sweet Pea, *Plumeria, *Chamomile, *Cinnamon, *Cherry Blossom, *Cloves, *Frankincense, *Nutmeg, *Vanilla, *Honey,

  • Random Scent Oils

    *Leather, *Honolulu Sun, *Amber, *Sleep Blend, *Egyptian Musk

  • Sweet Scent Oils 1

    *Butterscotch, *Cookie Dough, *Cinnabon, *Nutmeg, *Caramel Nut Muffin, *Chocolate Fondue, *Candy Concoction, *Cinnamon, *Juniper Breeze, *Love Spell, *Candy Corn, Summer Boardwalk, *Candy Cane

  • Sweet Scent Oils 2

    *Twilight Woods, *One Night Stand, *Winter Mint, *Pretty, *Secret Crush, *Sugar Kiss, *Dark Embrace, *Forever Yours, *Pink Splash, *Barrier Reef, *Mountain Meets the Dream, *Caribbean Escape, *Beautiful Day

  • Woody Scents

    *Forest Pine, *Mistle Toe, *Vitiver, *Sandalwood, *Hinoki Wood, *Lemongrass, *Bamboo, *Eucalyptus, *Teakwood, *Rosemary, *Cedar, *Fresh Cut, *TeaTree

  • Fruity Scents

    *Apple Cider, *Salted Caramel Pumpkin, *Blueberry Pancakes, *Maple Pecan, *Peaches&Cream, Spiced Caramel Pear, *Red Currant & Cream, *Honey&Shea

All available herbs and flower petals to choose from (Choose up to 2) *Optional*

All available colors for perfume to choose from (Choose 1) *Optional*

  • Herb & Flower Petals

    Rose Petals, Mugworth, Bay Leaves, Rosemary Leaves, Lily, Peony, Calendula, Wormwood, Forget-me-nots, Albizia, Lavender, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Jasmine, Peach Blossom, Luoshen, Red Plum,Gomphrena, Green Tea

  • Colors

    Pink, Yellow, Blue, Teal, Orange, Purple, Orange, Grey, Brown, Red, Green

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