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  • Crystal Dream Catchers

    Crystal Sun Catchers

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    A prayed over Sun catcher, created with copper and sterling silver, whimsical and spiritual trinkets, and a various amounts of crystals, including one main crystal you can select. It is meant to catch the light of the sun and reflect it in the room you choose to hang it in and creates the most beautiful rainbow effects. Allow it to take you on a magical journey as the sparkling and magical crystals act as prisms to produce a wonderful array of rainbows on your walls.

    Hang in your home, work, car, or any other personal space places, to give the area powerful spiritual shifts and healing depending on the crystal you choose.

    1. Quartz
    2. Rose Quartz
    3. Amethyst
    4. Selenite
    5. Tourmaline
    6. Citrine

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