Are you looking for a Connection to Spirituality?

I'm so grateful you are here and exploring our Spiritual Wellness Services! Where we will to assist you with re-aligning your mind, body, and spirit.
A lot of times, the answers we need and are in search of, are the answers already inside of us, We just need a little help accessing them!

This Spiritual Wellness Coaching (SWC) involves a combination of Services in addition to my one-on-one Coaching: Reiki Healing, Chakra Healing, and Sound Healing. It is my goal to use the Metaphysical as a means for exploration of your self, and support you in overcoming blockages both internally and externally.

By working together, we will find the path towards your healing, together, & Find a genuine and beautiful connection to God along the way

You Should Book a Session with me if you experience any of the following

  • You want to have a spiritual connection to this world, and an understanding of your place in it.
  • You tend to overthink, feel anxious, or worry about things in the future or from the past.
  • You want to seek help, and personalized support but have not found the right place yet.
  • You’re unhappy, unfulfilled and uninspired, and you aren’t sure what would bring you joy.
  • The same problem or set of problems is repeating itself over and over in your life.
  • The life you desire seems impossible under your circumstances.
  • You end up suppressing and repressing your emotions because dealing with them overwhelms you or stresses you out.
  • You feel restless and disconnected from your true self and purpose, and it seems like your life is passing you by
  • Your lifestyle is leaving you burned out, unhappy, and unfulfilled.
  • You long for a more loving, harmonious family, with a spouse and kids who make you feel supported, respected and cherished.

What You Will Receive in my 1:1 Coaching Sessions

  • Assistance in finding your true purpose and your true desires.
  • Support for what you are passionate about and what impact you want to make in the world.
  • Actionable steps toward building the life you want and the tools you need to make sure you succeed.
  • A walkthrough for determining the obstacles that hold you back and help to break them down.

“If you are willing to do the Mental Work, almost anything can be healed.”

In our Spiritual Wellness Coaching, I will use deep inner healing techniques that explore beyond physical life blocks to uncover and transform hidden emotional challenges. By doing so, together we will bring you improved habits, behaviors, actions, and beliefs that flow into spiritual and emotional growth.

My approach focuses on incorporating positive energy healing methods, including the Law of Attraction and the Abundance Mindset, combined with traditional coaching practices such as, Action plans, Long-term and Short-term Goal setting, Vision Boards, and Solution Focused Questioning. All of these things will help to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION, and will bring you the life you have been dreaming of.

You can expect a well-rounded approach that combines practical and hands-on tools with deep inner healing techniques, along with some amazing Healing Services through Chakra Balancing, Reiki Healing, and Sound Healing!



Email or call 720-372-2973 to inquire.

For Questions on any package, or to have a Free introduction Clarity call  720-372-2973.

Personalized help, catered to your needs! Receive guidance with understanding for your deepest emotions, and process them in a peaceful, encouraging, and spiritually awakening way. By transforming your thinking and raising your vibrations, You will find the life you desire.

All Sessions will include a full assessment of your life, happiness levels, and a tangible plan to upgrade where you are now, to where you want to be. You will leave each session with a set of practical action steps you can take to bring change and heal in your life, today. You will find clarity, and a sense of direction to know exactly where to focus your energy and attention, to achieve your dreams.      

  • The Introduction Package is a 40 minute session, and allows me to get down to the basics of what you want and need, so that I can lead and work with you to get you to have the life you are dreaming of. I will pinpoint the areas that need the most healing and have the most blockages in your life and give you a plan to conquer and move past what is holding you back.
  • The Consistent Package has 4 sessions, each 40 minutes long, to be used in 1 month. It includes 1:1 Goals together workbook, documents, and assessments to give you tangible results.
  • The Full Commitment Package has 8 sessions, each 40 minutes long, to be spread out within 2 or 3 months. This package Includes the 1:1 Goals together workbook, Vision Boards, Spiritual Wellness products to assist during the process, and several documents/assessments to give tangible results. We will use meditation, grounding/coping methods, Law of Attraction and Manifestation techniques, and a mix of the additional services I provide, to bring you intense healing and direction to lead and help you achieve the life you are dreaming of having.

Other Additional Services Offered:

Chakra Healing
A Deeply Meditative experience. It brings the body’s seven main Chakras into alignment through a fluid combination of essential oil blends, incense, and healing crystals. (These items will be shipped to the user before any virtual sessions) This unique experience leaves the receiver feeling calm and in a state of harmony, resulting in an increased feeling of wellbeing. When we talk about treating chakras we are referring to treating your energetic body, not just the physical.
Reiki Healing
"霊気" (Ray-ee-key) is a Japanese originated energy practice, translated to "Universal Life Force Energy". It is a practice of using the movement of energy by using hands to guide energy, and promote self-healing inside the receiver. It eases anxiety, fatigue, depression, and pain. It helps to unblock the energy channels within, to help the body heal itself in the ways that it needs. After concluding the session a water color Art piece will be created and mailed to the client, that will show the progress and areas that may need additional work.
Sound Healing
A passive and participatory experience in which you lay down, as 7 Crystal singing bowls are placed around you and played one by one. As humans we are primed to receive the sound that crystal bowls make in our bodies because our bones have a crystalline structure that creates an entrainment between this specific sound and body. Each singing bowl has a different note/sound that activates different chakras, organs, and organ systems.
Full Personality Reading
A cohesive reading that will include Your full Birth Chart description, Your Human Design Report, and Your Numerology Report. This information will give you a full understanding of yourself including what triggers you, the ways you go about finding validation, what makes you feel loved, and what makes you feel understood. I will help uncover any hidden parts of yourself, and give a foundation for all healing to build on. This reading will leave you feeling more certain about yourself and provide a clarity you can't find anywhere else.
Akashic Records Reading
A journey into God's Book of Remembrances also known as The Book of life. Where all things that make up who you are, exists. These records reach back into the time when your soul was created. By travelling to these records and asking the right questions, we will have a better understanding of your innate gifts, potential, and future possibilities so that your highest self can be reached. This reading is extremely magical, a guided journey... an experience of a lifetime.

The Price for a New Connection to Life?

The Clarity Call

1 Phone Call

20 minutes long

The Introduction Package

1 Session

40 minutes long

The Consistent Package

4 Sessions

40 minutes long

The Full Commitment Package

8 Sessions

40 minutes long

Chakra Healing
1 session 
 30 minutes long

Reiki Healing
1 session 
 30 minutes long

Sound Healing
1 session 
 30 minutes long

Full Personality Reading
1 session 
 60 minutes long

Akashic Record Reading

1 session
 60 minutes long

Please purchase the Package that best suits your needs (All Packages can be unlimitedly purchased): Select a date for our initial appointment below and add the package to your cart.

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